Your factory car alarm can also help thieves

Stealing a new vehicle has never been so easy. This could also be the beginning of the article you are reading. It is no secret that the growing emphasis on comfort reduces the safety of our vehicles. However, even before the advent of keyless technology, it was not pink with safety. Of course, we don’t mean safety in the event of an impact or driving itself, it’s about safety and security against thieves, who can also lurk for your four-wheeled joy.


Cars have undergone tremendous development since their inception. In less than 150 years, we have moved from slow boxes to perfectly comfortable, fast and beautiful sheet metal works of art. It may therefore seem that a modern car has almost nothing to do with its prehistoric predecessor in the form of a motorized carriage, apart from the wheels, even such banality as the key is no longer what it used to be.

Until recently, all vehicles had physical locks and a unique key that could open them. This common security technology was simple, inexpensive and, of course, surpassable. However, the perpetrator had to train for a long time to overcome it, it required experience, tools and time that the perpetrator had to spend right next to the car under the threat of detection. Some cars still have locks, but they no longer protect anything. The physical key is just a fuse in the event of a power failure, and all systems oversee the security of your property are held by electronic systems. Remote central locking, alarm, immobilizer, Keyless GO system, all this is the only thing that keeps your car in yours in all conditions, but is it really so?

Factory electronic security systems have been a great addition to the mechanical locks of decades, as they represented another level of security. The person interested in night shopping had to make a much greater effort to overcome this obstacle, so he moved to less secure vehicles. Over time, however, the perpetrators developed and electronic security ceased to cause them problems. Common sense suggests that the automotive industry has responded by increasing protection again, adding more systems or a completely different concept. However, this did not happen.

Today’s cars are therefore as vulnerable as cars made 10 or more years ago. They still have exploitable OBD ports, they still have the same immobilization system and, worst of all, they are all equipped with the same system located in the same place, which can be disposed of on every car as through a copier. The perpetrator then only needs one car in the garage, a few hours of testing, several electronic aids and all the cars of the given manufacturer, or at least the model line are his.

Without the need for a physical key in the door lock or ignition, those interested in a non-refundable loan do not have to worry about the time or place of the theft and the car can just as quickly disappear in front of the house or shop, from the garage or from the street in broad daylight. In addition, the new owner does not have to physically damage your car in any way, so he can go on a long trip beyond the weekdays before your car dealer tells you: “Our Keyless entry system is safe.”

If you are now asking what the solution is to this problem, the answer is simple: add another level of additional protection to your vehicle. Each additionally secured car represents, for the perpetrator, a lazy creature by nature, an unnecessary obstacle, which he prefers to avoid with an arc and looks for something simpler. In general, no matter what device you use, whether you choose mechanics, electronics, or a combination of both, the only important criterion is that you always use the security under any conditions. Even the best steering lock or immobilizer will not help you if it is not locked or activated.
That’s why we recommend reaching for solutions that are intuitive, easy to use and, in addition, add a new comfort function to the vehicle.

Such systems undoubtedly include Pandora’s solutions, the basic idea of ​​which is the unattended system. All Pandora systems are automatic and you often don’t even have to think about operating them. Therefore, you cannot simply forget to lock the lever or the steering wheel, do not pull out the safety element or do not press the button on the control.

In addition, Pandora offers you the possibility of remote start, control of independent heating or air conditioning at any distance and a perfect overview of the condition of your vehicle in real time.

Feel free to find out more about Pandora’s security systems.

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Are you interested in Pandora Alarm?

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