What distance can your remote start cover? How safe is the vehicle’s security? How much will the GSM auto alarm and GPS localization cost? Find the answers for FAQ below.

Products Pandora meet all the requirements for running and usage across the whole EU. You can find approval protocols of the particular systems on this web in the part “certificates”.

All the Pandora products were designed to provide insurmountable level of protection. Wireless communication between particular components of the system is protected with 128 bit interactive algorithm. This, together with the communicational system of GPRS protocol make connection perfectly insurmountable against electronic attacks.

Each product of Pandora brand with contactless tags has also the plastic card with PIN code for the emergency system deactivation. The unique PIN code is assigned to the particular control unit. Models with in-built GSM module also provide the owner with the possibility of the emergency deactivation by the phone call or tone dialling. After the system deactivation the owner is provided with a new authorization tag.

The Pandora systems use two ways of communication with the mobile apps:

  1. Bluetooth application with the coverage of approximately 15-20 meters is free.
  2. GPRS application with the server solution. This app is also free of charge, but it needs the mobile Internet connection. Data consumption on the SIM card is charged according to the mobile operator. 

Average data consumption of the vehicle with circa 4,000 km/monthly is up to 100 MB.

The vehicle is completely protected during the remote-control start and any attempt to infract it will put the alarm on and block the engine.

System Pandora enables the remote-control start only when the car is put into neutral in the case of manual transmission, respectively, when the gear lever is in the parking position in the case of AT.

The system mounted into the vehicles with manual transmission has the car reservation mode function, which enables the remote-car start only if the gear lever is put into neutral position.

Double-wave remote-controls Pandora work in the frequency of 868 MHz which enables the user to master the system up to 500-800 m in the city zone and 1500-2000 m in the open site. Remote-controls working thanks to the Bluetooth connection can cover up to 15-20 m.

Pandora security systems have technology of the latest generation, which enables them to be used in the most up-to-date premium vehicles.

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