Up to 60% of drivers are rightfully afraid for their vehicle, but a factory alarm will not protect them

Surveys indicate an increase in concerns about securing vehicles against theft in connection with the pandemic. However, manufacturers ignore this fact for a long time, and new vehicles arrive on the streets as unprotected as their previous generations.

Misuse of keyless entry, interfering with the remote control signal or reading its codes. These and other ways of overcoming vehicle security have been the bread and butter of the automotive industry for more than a decade. However, we would wait in vain for a response from manufacturers in the form of more durable security. A factory car alarm or immobilizer is still a tasty snack for a clever criminal, just like in previous years.

A well-prepared professional is looking for a car like yours, without additional security, that will open or start in seconds. But if you are worried about the question of why this is so, and why the manufacturer does not invest more in security, the answer to it may surprise you. It is too simple, customers are simply not interested in security against theft. Think about how you chose your last vehicle. Did you ask the seller about security against theft? When choosing a vehicle, you took into account, in addition to its performance or interior space, how it works immobilizer? If so, congratulations, you are one of the few. The effectiveness of security is in the ranking according to which we choose the vehicle perhaps lower than the material of the covers, and therefore the manufacturer has no reason to invest in security more than the necessary minimum.

In addition, factory security, like other equipment, is installed in all vehicles in the same way. However, what is good in terms of quality is not so good in terms of safety. The uniformity of solutions is the biggest weakness of factory systems. The perpetrator does not need to “study” each model or brand separately. For successful hunting, it is enough to study one system and its weaknesses shared by several brands.

The manufacturer itself is also a great helper to thieves, although of course unintentionally. In the pursuit of the highest possible user comfort when unlocking or starting the vehicle, safety yielded to convenience, and car manufacturers quickly adapted. This is how the popular “keyless” systems were created, which are very user-friendly. Unfortunately, the same would be confirmed by any thief who can abuse the system in a few seconds with a simple device. Since we can open even the cheapest vehicles without a key, theft by reading the “keyless” signal is on the first rung of popularity. With it, the perpetrator just needs to capture the signal from the key placed behind the door of your house, amplify it and thus simulate his presence near the vehicle. Possible prevention is turning off the system, using a special box blocking the signal from the key or using mechanical security. However, all these solutions have one thing in common, and that is the absolute loss of the convenience offered by the keyless system. Sooner or later, you stop using your gear lever lock, special case or other effective but inconvenient solution, and that’s when the perpetrator comes on the scene…

Modern offers a way out of this difficult situation car security Pandora alarm verified by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. The uncompromising security of Pandora systems is combined with smart solutions that do not reduce user comfort. Keyless access or start with Pandora takes place in a special mode with multi-element protection against reading, cloning or interfering with the key signal, but without any loss of comfort. Autoalarm Pandora automatically recognizes a wireless authorization tag communicating in an encrypted Bluetooth interface that cannot be amplified or duplicated. Its minimalist dimensions allow it to be placed away from the keys, for example in a wallet, thanks to which Pandora will protect your vehicle even if the original keys are lost or stolen. The icing on the cake is remote control of selected vehicle functions, such as remote start, activation of independent heating or factory air conditioning. All this in addition with convenient and practical control via a two-way controller, mobile application or web interface.

You can find more information about why Pandora is the best choice for your vehicle at https://www.pandora-alarm.eu/

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