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For all those who have fallen for caravans, motorhomes and camping, the word caravanning is synonymous with freedom and perfect relaxation anywhere and anytime. True weather enthusiasts around the world with a house on wheels will not be deterred from a trip by bad weather or unsuitable seasons and they travel really anytime. With the summer season and the holidays, the number of active caravan holidaymakers is increasing rapidly, and full campsites are the perfect prey for thieves who will definitely not miss this opportunity.

Concern for the property and safety of the crew is therefore justified and many holidaymakers are unable to overcome it even in the relative safety of the campsites. The freedom to travel, in the sense of sleeping where I want and waking up to a magical morning, disappears so quickly and with it the charm of a comfortable house on wheels.

Overcoming factory security in the form of a simple lock housed in a laminate door leaf is really not a problem. The idea that your dream caravan for tens of thousands protects similar locks as on the lockers in the swimming pool is not pleasant and we don’t even have to talk about plastic windows with plastic stops.

An experienced perpetrator is inside your kingdom in a matter of seconds without any noise and can then do whatever he wants. Unfortunately, as in the case of passenger cars, the systems for remote control of central locks are also vulnerable, the simple coding of which the reader can surpass in a few small amounts. The perpetrator really doesn’t have to resort to violence, and your caravan opens in seconds without the slightest damage. Even in this case, however, it is true: “good luck to those who are prepared.” This is because every thief prefers an unsecured vehicle to one whose windows are decorated with a security sticker or are otherwise visibly additionally protected against theft. Time is money for thieves as well, and less hassle equals a bigger loot and less risk.

Mechanical security

The first choice of many caravanists is therefore mechanical security, which is really visible. Various “slippers” on wheels, steering wheel locks or gear levers are certainly not to be overlooked and will do their job in protecting against theft of the vehicle itself. However, this type of security will not protect you from the most common threat posed by theft of equipment and valuables. According to German forensic statistics, in only two thirds of cases are caravans stolen or damaged, and only a third of them disappear completely. It is certainly easier to monetize electronics, valuables and cash than to legalize a six-meter booth on wheels. Other disadvantages of mechanical systems undoubtedly include higher weight, which means less luggage, as well as uncomfortable handling. While at home you may not mind putting the lock on the steering wheel, with the twentieth locking of the steering wheel during the holidays, you are guaranteed to smile.

Comfortable electronic solution

As with passenger cars, the most effective solution is electronic security, which can protect not only the vehicle itself, but also its equipment and crew from all modern threats. A representative of this category is, for example, Pandora Camper, a system of the leading manufacturer Pandora, which has been developing and manufacturing safety systems for vehicles for more than 15 years. The Camper system represents a comprehensive solution for security, location and immobilization of the vehicle anywhere and at any time, without the need for vehicle occupancy or remoteness of the location. Thanks to the comprehensive security with multiple communication interfaces and advanced encryption, your car will always remain yours under any conditions. You can leave the vehicle in peace and be informed about everything that happens to it, thanks to two-way communication, which you can watch comfortably in the application of your smartphone. You have control of all security functions directly in the phone, as well as remote control of independent heating, air conditioning or engine start. The main benefit is, of course, safety, and Pandora also offers this for the crew itself during the night’s rest. Thanks to a series of sensors that can be installed in virtually any opening, the system can control the situation even with the windows ajar and the sleeping passengers. Pandora is thus able to identify any attempted intrusion and immediately trigger an alarm or contact the owner. In addition, the installation of the system is completely effortless and the miniature sensors are almost invisible for a perfectly discreet function without compromising the design of modern caravans. Pandora security is also accepted by most insurance companies, making it easier and more convenient to insure your new vehicle.

The safety of resorts, campsites and individual countries is a popular topic of conversation in caravan groups. At least once every season, caravan theft reports fill the forums, disrupting the idyllic idea of a relaxing and free holiday in a popular destination. However, fear of property and fellow passengers should not prevent us from exploring the near and distant corners of Europe and enjoying the perfect travel atmosphere. Take advantage of the opportunity to secure your property with the most modern system on the market and experience the charm of carefree relaxation this season.

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