The Pandora Smart Pro system contains a wide range of security, service and anti-hi jacking functions. Day to day you can use your OEM car remote with Pandora proximity Bluetooth tag. For constant connection anywhere in the world Pandora specially designed smartphone app and web browser keeps you constantly connected to your vehicle.

The system has 2xCAN interface, IMMO-KEY port to bypass original immobiliser for remote engine start with out the need to leave a key in the car. The integrated GPS receiver will allow you to locate your vehicle at any time anywhere you have coverage. 2G/3G connection expands network coverage and controls the system, also receiving important alarm and service notifications, real time.


Zabezpečenie auta Pandora SMART PRO – mobilná aplikácia

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Pandora Alarm

Security system Pandora brings to motorists the final solution to secure their most precious “toys”, complemented with the number of advanced technologies. Numerous security components which monitor the functions of the vehicle, protect it from stealing in different situations, even in the case of the original key theft, a tow or the misuse of the remote starter.

Get to know the allure of perfect temperature of the interior in any weather, prolong the life time of your engine with the remoter-control starter, and enjoy the feeling of safety thanks to insurmountable security of Pandora.

Only with Pandora you can master, monitor, cool down or heat up your car only with the finger touch, thanks to the smartphone application, safely interconnected with all the systems. Forget about tasteless and clumsy remote-controls, combine the pleasing with the useful and transfer your vehicle to the new era of security and comfort.