Pandora MOTO EU

The Pandora Moto is specially designed simply for motorcyсles. Package includes a long range OLED pager remote, which gives instant alarm notifications up to a kilometer away. Two power saving modes allow system to work up to several months longer then its closes competitor. Built-in back-up battery notifies user if the power is disconnected.

 Rozhranie 2,4 GHz  

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Product specification

Pandora Alarm

The Pandora security system delivers the ultimate security solution to one-stop lover, complemented by a number of advanced features. Numerous safety features that monitor the condition of a motorcycle prevent its being stolen in a wide variety of situations, even in the event of theft of the original key or attempting to relocate it.

Experience the immaculate security charm you park anywhere, monitor even the smallest movement thanks to tilt and shake sensors and enjoy the comfort of a starter with advanced settings.

With Pandora, you can keep track of your motorcycle with just one touch of your finger thanks to a mobile app securely connected to all systems. Forget unobtrusive and clumsy remote controllers, combine them with comfort and enjoy a new level of security and user-friendliness.