Case study – camper

Vehicle: Peugeot Boxer caravan

Duration of assembly: 9 hours

For their new caravan, the customer was looking for an advanced protection solution that would combine the maximum number of safety functions and, in addition, provide full control over the condition and functions of the vehicle, no matter how far it is currently located. We have therefore equipped the integrated caravan with the new Pandora Camper system, which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers. The Pandora Camper system can protect the living space not only during the absence of the owners, but also thanks to the special “Stay home” mode, it will give you a peaceful sleep during the crew’s night’s stay. Thanks to Pandora’s advanced solutions, we have equipped all the windows, doors and service openings of the vehicle with miniature wireless sensors that allow us to check the position of the window in any condition. Thanks to this, it is possible, in addition to the standard Pandora protection, which safely prevents all known methods of theft, to use the system even at full occupancy during the night. By installing the system, the customer not only gained the certainty that he would always find his caravan in the same place, but also the possibility to remotely start and cool the vehicle with air conditioning or, conversely, to heat with independent heating. A bonus is also a complete online location monitoring, including driving history.

Description of works:

  • analysis of connection points according to the documentation
  • disassembly of the necessary plastic parts of the interior
  • connection of power cables
  • data bus connection
  • installation of wireless sensors on windows / doors and service openings of the living part of the vehicle
  • testing of basic functions
  • remote start connection
  • immobilizer bypass connection
  • connection of remote control of independent heating
  • testing of all functions
  • assembly of disassembled plastic parts of the interior
  • vehicle check on diagnostic tool
  • handing over the vehicle to the customer

Price of PANDORA CAMPER including assembly: 768 €

Duration of assembly: 9 hours