Pandora Elite

Are you considering equipping your vehicle with an intelligent alarm? Now is the right time, as Pandora is coming to market with the new Elite model. Enriched with new features, it becomes the king of car alarms on the market and provides the highest level of vehicle security.

The new flagship is designed to define a new standard in functionality, protection and connectivity. Elite works with 4G technology, which has not been used in car alarms so far. In cooperation with a dual GSM antenna, it can inform you in real time about the status of your vehicle. Thanks to the additional GSM antenna, you will always be connected, as it prevents signal loss.

You can traditionally control the system with a mobile phone, smart watch or a renewed two-way OLED controller with LoRa technology. Most drivers communicate at 856 MHz. That’s the end of now! Elite uses a new multi-channel radio signal with a frequency of 868 MHz, which makes it possible to deliver alerts faster and more reliably, even in built-up areas where there is a lot of radio interference. Maximum resistance to jammers and similar devices is a matter of course.

For more stable communication with the Elite mobile phone, it has Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With it, the mobile Tefelon can communicate up to 4 times longer distance, and you can also have several devices synchronized with the alarm. You can also use your smartphone as an authorization tag to automatically activate and deactivate the system.

Elite also thinks about your fears of theft while you are behind the wheel. The Pandora Anti-Hijack system allows you to park the car while driving and turn on warning sirens. You get comprehensive protection in every situation, in all conditions.

Of course, there is a remote start function, which allows you to set the automatic engine start according to your preferred parameters, such as time or temperature. In winter, you can hop in the heated car in the morning and enjoy a comfortable trip to work. Among other things, the system is also equipped with a wireless siren with a backup power supply.

These are all reasons why Pandora Elite is the most advanced solution in car alarm security. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all further information.

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